"Sfera Timişoarei" - 1st of June event for children

HARTL supports children

"Sfera Timişoarei" Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2013 that aims to stimulate and enhance the civic life of their community. With donations from HARTL and other local companies, this year’s "1st of June for all children" event was again a very big success: Over 250 children enjoyed a special day with games, sweets, balloons, music and many surprises. The event was filled with educational activities and fun moments. Children of all ages participated in creative workshops, painted and danced together also with some HARTL employees, which were volunteers at this event.
The purpose of this event was to bring children from all social backgrounds, ages and ethnicities to learn that they are equal, that as human beings have to accept and respect each other. 

Also, the parents together with the children, made possible the gathering of more than 40 bags of donations, toys and clothes that were sent to the flood affected areas of Serbia.

Among the attendees at the event there were 42 children from the Day Care Center in Periam, 20 children from the "Centre for disabled children Recaş" and 20 children from the "Casa Otniel" orphanage. "Sfera Timişoarei" Association has provided the children transportation and lunch.